Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pegasus Ktv in Quezon Avenue

In the late 80s, there was a dearth of first class men's clubs in Metro Manila and there was a hot trend brewing in the entertainment scene--the KTV bar. Fusing the two concepts was the whole idea behind Pegasus.

When the giant neon sign of a Pegasus in flight first lit up on that sultry April 30 evening twelve years ago, it immediately became a city landmark. Beyond geographics, Pegasus became the standard of men's entertainment centers as it offered guests stylish interiors, first-rate furniture and five-star service. It featured dancers, models and singers performing seven nights a week. Its spacious open theater set-up made it ideal to host international showcases.

Being an innovator, Pegasus went beyond guest relations officers. Attracting the prettiest and highest paid girls to its service staff, the club gave them a unique name — Peggy Sues.
Needless to say, other clubs followed suit. (But as we all know, it's not the name that gives a girl her allure).

And it is huge as clubs go. With a Grecian-inspired architecture and spanning floor area, Pegasus quickly became known as the biggest pleasure palace. It boasts of a seat theater, private KTV rooms and premium KTV suites, all elegantly appointed.

In all it was an entertainment concept whose time has come. And it is the only place that rightly deserved to be called The Ultimate Men's Club.

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